Below are some answers to common questions about cabins

Please see below the general FAQs in relation to cabins, you can view the building and planning regulation FAQs by using the button from the main menu.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver throughout the UK and also cover Ireland.

How are the cabins delivered?

We use RRM Haulage who has specialist cranes on their wagon to lift into position.

What if the access is restricted and we can’t deliver complete?

We offer a full site service where the building is erected fully on site.

Do I need planning permission for my garden room or Modular Building?

Please see the section under planning and building control.

Do Modular Buildings comply with building regulations?

Always, we provide all relevant producers and paper work to ensure this.

Are all buildings insulated?

Yes this is standard procure.

Do the buildings come complete?

Yes the buildings complete, insulation, electrics, flooring, windows/doors cladding etc. All will be highlighted in the full breakdown and quote.

Does it cost to have a quote and drawing sent?

No, this is all done in house and part of the service.

Do you charge for site visits?

No we don’t, our site assessments, quotes and drawings are at no cost.

Do you have a show ground?

Yes we have a show ground with multiple options and also working units with ongoing projects.

Do i need to book an appointment to visit Lincs-Cabins ltd.

Yes, due to covid rules its key you book a time slot so we can give you the space and time to look around and choose from the many options that’s available.

How long do Modular Buildings last?

Warranties are given up to 25 years depending on the roof type.

What are the benefits of Modular Buildings?

• Speed of build. Projects can be completed 30-50% quicker than traditional construction methods. ...

• Off-site construction. ...

• Minimal impact on your business. ...

• Eco-friendly materials (please see environmental policy)

• More Cost-effective.

• Bespoke design with many options available.

How long does it take to complete a project?

This will all depend on the size of the project and lead time on current orders.

Do I need an architect for my modular build?

No, all our drawings and quotes are done in house at no cost. If accepted there will be a fee to take it to planning.

Is there a size limit for a Modular Building?

No limit on size for a single story building from Lincs-Cabins ltd providing both planning and building control have been approved.

Is there a minimum order size for all cabins?

Yes, the minimum order size for any cabin is 12 sqm.

Can you arrange ground works?

Yes, we can arrange the entire project from start to finish; we have a trusted ground works company (Ground-Tec ) who are situated along side us on our premises.

Do you offer finance?

We use various companies to compare rates but always advise getting your own especially due to the low interest rates that the banks are currently offering.