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Lincs-Cabins Ltd, are a family-run business launched in 2012. We offer a nationwide and a European service, building the ideal cabin to suit your needs. Whether you’re a big company, individual or a small independent business, we at Lincs-Cabins Ltd can help.

We specialise in custom built cabins. Our aim is to provide our customers with a personal and professional service. Our cabins can provide precious extra living space for your family, add value to your home or be the foundation of a dream business. Lincs-Cabins Ltd can guarantee you will receive a very competitive price for the services we provide.

Book an appointment with us to view our show cabins which will give you a better idea on how they are built, look and feel, in most cases we feel the photos/images don’t give a true indication of the quality we produce. From then we give you advice on designs/layouts and show you the many different finishes that we offer before making any decision.

Our cabins are covered by warranties of up to 25 years.

Company registration number 8021467. VAT registration number 133008460

We have recently purchased a new 1 acre site due to our continued company growth. We have two new factories for production of our cabins/modular buildings; our lower factory is 6,500 sqft with the upper factory being 8,000 sqft with a 5m wide roller shutter door equipped with a 16 tonne overhead crane. We have our own office block comprising of a main reception where you will be welcomed by Samantha along with conference rooms, drawing and sample rooms to name a few. We feel our biggest asset is our outdoor show ground/demonstration area, where you can see a wide variation of builds in its entirety.